Workplace Travel Planning

What is a workplace travel plan?

Workplace travel plans are a way of encouraging efficient and environmentally friendly methods for business trips and the commute to and from work. They do this by identifying ways to reduce single occupancy car trips to, from and at work by encouraging and promoting the use of car sharing, public transport, walking, cycling, ultra-low emission vehicle use and alternative working methods.

A Workplace Travel Plan should include:

  • Business introduction
  • site audit
  • staff travel survey results
  • travel action plan
  • monitoring
  • travel plan co-ordinator contact details.

Benefits of a Workplace Travel Plan

  • Reduced business expenditure
  • Reduced remand on parking
  • Creates a positive corporate social responsibility
  • A happier and healthier workforce
  • Increases productivity and creativity in staff
  • Improves accessibility to the site and reduces local congestion

What help is available for you to develop travel plans and travel action plans?

The County Council has developed several templates to help businesses and public/ voluntary sector organisations within Nottinghamshire develop a Workplace Travel Plan or Travel Action Plan: