About us

Travel Choice encourages people to explore different ways of travelling around their towns.

The Travel Choice project, led by Nottinghamshire County Council, helps people to consider their available travel choices when travelling in and around Nottinghamshire through promotion of more sustainable modes of travel to reduce single occupancy car usage.

The Travel Choice website has been designed to offer a range of online travel and transport resources including; information relating to all modes of sustainable transport, maps/ routes, a journey planner and workplace travel planning templates.

Recent surveys with Nottinghamshire residents and local businesses show that addressing local journey time delay is the top transport priority.

Nottinghamshire County Council has developed a strategy to address this, including:

  • Capacity improvements to reduce delay at junctions
  • Working in partnership with bus and rail operators to deliver high quality public transport options
  • Infrastructure improvements to help people walk, cycle and catch the bus more often
  • Training to enable people to make journeys on foot or bike
  • Delivering travel planning advice to raise awareness of travel options

Travel Choice was developed to deliver the following aims:

  • Economy - Grow the local economy through the active promotion of improved cycling and walking schemes to new and existing job, education and training opportunities.
  • Health - Promote increased levels of physical activity through walking and cycling to Local Government Funding investment in cycling infrastructure
  • Travel behaviour change - Encourage a long-term reduction in car use, through mode-shift to walk/cycle and public transport modes of travel to reduce congestion and the associated journey times delays; and mitigate the impact on the transport network of extensive planned employment / housing growth in the project area
  • Air quality - Demonstrate how carbon and NOx emissions can be reduced to improve known air quality issues at specific locations in the bid area

Privacy statement

Nottinghamshire County Council has commissioned AECOM and ITP to provide tailored travel information and advice regarding travel options as part of the Travel Choice project. To provide such travel information, recipients may be asked to voluntarily provide their personal data (name, email address / telephone number). The personal data provided to Nottinghamshire County Council, AECOM and ITP will not be disclosed to any further third parties except where the law requires us to do so.

Your personal data may be temporarily stored prior to being processed, following which it will be maintained securely in line with the General Data Protection Regulation for a period of three years. If you would like your information to be removed before then, please contact travelchoice@nottscc.gov.uk.

For more information, please see Nottinghamshire County Council’s Travel Choice privacy statement [PDF]