Funding for this workstream has now ended. Nottinghamshire County Council is working to secure further funding in liaison with our partners

Travel Choice can help you, whether you are an employer, or an employee within Nottinghamshire.

Travel Choice: benefits for workplaces

Many people have changed their travel behaviour due to the impact of Covid-19, and many employers are preparing for new staff travel patterns, adapting to longer term changes in how staff get to and from work.

Reducing the negative impact of increased car use, and encouraging greater take up of, for example, cycling to work, can have lots of benefits, including:

  • Fitter, healthier, and happier employees
  • Less space needed for staff car parking
  • Less congestion and time lost stuck in traffic
  • A reduction in vehicle pollution around your workplace

Find out more about the benefits of more sustainable travel

Travel Choice offers a wide range of FREE resources to encourage more sustainable ways of travelling to and from work, as well as reducing the need to travel by promoting flexible working practices and remote working.

“The welfare, wellbeing and safety of our Team Knowhow colleagues - in work, travelling to work, or at home – is incredibly important and something we take very seriously here at our Newark Campus. We appreciate the support and work the Travel Choice team do and look forward to welcoming them back again." 
Glenn Hawksworth, Head of Supply Chain Operations at Team Knowhow

FREE resources available for all workplaces in Nottinghamshire

“The NHS and social care are busy, pressurised environments to work in and many of us have long commutes to work. But irrespective of the distance, as a large employer I think Travel Choice is a great opportunity to support colleagues with their physical and mental health."
Richard Mitchell, Chief Executive at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust