FREE wellbeing checks

FREE wellbeing checks available to engaged workplaces in Ashfield and Bassetlaw, and jobseekers in Mansfield and Ashfield.

Working in partnership with ABL Your Health Your Way (YHYW), we're offering wellbeing checks, delivered by a qualified Healthy Lifestyle Adviser. Wellbeing checks focus on lifestyle outcomes including:

  • weight management
  • smoking status
  • alcohol consumption
  • physical activity

During the wellbeing check, measurements of height, weight and blood pressure will be taken by a qualified Healthy Lifestyle Adviser, along with a physical activity and alcohol consumption questionnaire. Following the assessment, individuals will be given feedback on their results with the option to sign up to Your Health Your Way for free additional support.

Each wellbeing check takes about 30 minutes per person.

Covid-19 measures

  • Health checks will be delivered in-line with the current Government guidance.
  • A YHYW practitioner will phone clients booked into wellbeing check clinics on the morning of to check the client is not presenting any symptoms of Covid-19.
  • At the appointment the seating will be placed a minimum of 2 metres apart and if the practitioner needs to do anything more invasive (i.e. blood pressure, waist circumference, height, weight measures) then the practitioner will wear a facemask, visor, disposable gloves, disposable apron and wipe down all equipment after each use.
  • The client will also be asked to wear a face mask for the appointment.

Ashfield and Mansfield jobseekers: If you wish to sign up or for additional information, please contact Ross Paradise, Travel Choice jobseeker lead (07503 627302 / or your Ashfield JCP work coach.