Helping businesses in Mansfield and Newark embrace sustainable travel

The Travel Choice team have been supporting employers in Mansfield and Newark to adopt greener transport, following a summer of intensive engagement earlier this year.

Mansfield and Newark have been selected as target zones to support the housing and employment growth planned in these areas, the recent and planned Local Growth Fund infrastructure improvements, and to address journey time delays in these regions.

The team began contacting businesses in these areas in March 2018 and are now working with 72 across the two districts. Employer engagement has been very encouraging, with a 40% increase in the number working with the team over the last 6 months.

The Travel Choice team have provided a number of free services including adult cycle training, walking and cycling groups, staff wellbeing checks, and bike MOTs, to encourage employees to explore more environmentally friendly transport options. The team have also hosted travel clinics, offering staff personalised travel planning advice.

With an ambition to support 5,000 employees across 100 businesses in Mansfield and Newark over two years we’re making great progress, having provided travel information, advice and incentives to over 3,300 employees at 72 businesses.

We’ve been working with some of the largest employers in each town, including Vision West Nottinghamshire College, Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Glenair, in Mansfield, and Team Knowhow, The Barcode Warehouse, and Timico, in Newark. 

A recent survey showed that the team’s support at Newark and Sherwood District Council’s Castle House site has led to a 12% reduction in single occupancy vehicle travel, and a 6% increase in walking and cycling.

With six months to go until the end of the programme it’s not too late to take part. If you work at a business in Mansfield and Newark and would like to find out more about how to get involved with the project, please get in touch via email; or telephone; 0300 500 8080.


“Travel Choice is a fantastic project.  We all need encouragement and practical help to get out of our cars and find alternative ways to travel to work. There are all sorts of practical and environmental benefits from using alternatives, but the most important to me is the improved health and wellbeing.” 

“Taking opportunities to walk and cycle, even if it’s only to a bus stop or railway station is great for physical and mental health.”

Peter Wozencroft, Director of Strategic Planning at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


“The more benefits of this that people are aware of the better. Organisations should not be put off if there is not much initial participation as time including word of mouth will ensure that this fantastic scheme grows in terms of uptake”

Duncan Bain, Director, Timico


“The welfare, wellbeing and safety of our Team Knowhow colleagues – in work, travelling to work, or at home – is incredibly important and something we take very seriously here at our Newark Campus.“

“We appreciate the support and work the Travel Choice team do and look forward to welcoming them back again.”

Glenn Hawksworth, Head of Supply Chain Operations at Team Knowhow